High Brow Bundle


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A party-season makeup look isn’t complete without perfectly prepped brows. Thankfully, our High Brow Bundle is here to save the day with a trio of naturally enhancing formulas that will help to immediately accentuate and boost brow health over time. Apply our signature brow serum to improve the look of brow density in just 6 weeks, and our brow mascara and draw-on ink to create instant, natural-looking definition while caring for brows at the same time. And look chic around town with an exclusive Talika logo shopper!


Give brows the care and attention they deserve with three brow-boosting products packed with Talika’s naturally enhancing ingredients, known for improving the brows’ appearance both immediately and in the long run.

Eyebrow Liposourcils Expert helps to strengthen and protect brow hairs while improving density and preventing fallout thanks to Talika’s Mythical Plant Complex.
Liposourcils Mascara gives the combined benefits of Talika’s Mythical Plant Complex for greater brow health and immediate brush-through pigmentation.
Liposourcils Ink delivers the benefits of a daily eyebrow tint for instant draw-on definition but includes the naturally enhancing benefits of Talika’s brow serum.
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Eyebrow Liposourcils Expert: Use morning and evening as a 28-day treatment, to be renewed every 3 months. Apply to the eyebrows using the foam tip, then sweep along brows using the brush in the direction of growth.
Liposourcils Mascara: Apply every AM on clean eyebrows. Brush with short strokes, catching the hair well, from the inside to the outside of the face. For faster results, also apply Liposourcils Expert in the evenings.
Liposourcils Ink: Use every AM as a 28-day treatment, to be repeated every 3 months. Draw light lines with the tip to fill in brows, then lightly coat brows.


Eyebrow Liposourcils Expert delivers brows that better frame the face, are naturally darker and create a more intense look.
Liposourcils Mascara makes brows appear bolder, thicker, fuller and better frame the face.
Liposourcils Ink instantly defines brows, sees them gain density and better frame the face, and appear naturally darker.